Wipe Your Feet Before Entering These Sites

I bet the number of  poetry/short fiction magazines born online per minute is close to the number of cigarettes smoked in the world per minute.  10 million?  Maybe.  But anyway, here are some links to some recent online issues of magazines with lots and lots of words I’ve  enjoyed.

  • Ocho 25 : This issue is edited by the great and the crass Blake Butler, and it has artwork from a 12-year-old.
  • Diagram 9.3: A tried and true, guys.  This one knows how to serve them up.
  • harp and altar: Issue six.  I recommend the  poems translated from their original Russian by Zachary Schomburg about circus freaks.
  • kill author: Issue one is dedicated to Roland Barthes, who died after being hit by a laundry van. There are lots of great poems, prose, and a few hot pictures of R.B.
  • Sixth Finch: There are two new poems from Emily Kendel Frey. I’m always on the look out for new work from her.
  • Jellyfish Magazine is manned by two women, which isn’t as common as I’d like it to be. The first issue is so beautiful, I’ve read it several times. I’ve also seriously considered stealing it all.

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