Table of Contents

Most of what I write for this site falls into one of four categories, listed below. I try to write something in each group on a regular basis, or at least as regular as this site updates.

Book Reviews: This one should be self-explanatory. The majority of the posts are reviews of titles, typically released in the past few months (anything more than a year old goes to Back Shelf). I discuss its pros and cons, how it compares to other titles by the author, what it does in a new or interesting fashion and fire a few silver bullets into the snarling werewolf that is poor writing. I’m always open to suggestions, so if you’re an author feel free to write me about the possibility.

Literature Columns: Beginning with an archive of my columns “The Lesser of Two Equals” printed in The Daily Cardinal, and continued, these are my personal essays on topics ranging from trends in literature to breaking news to whatever I feel in the mood to write about in the book world.

Back Shelf Reviews: These are reviews of older titles, encompassing classics that I’m taking more of a literary essay look into, forgotten titles I found on the discount racks or something I’ve acquired randomly because I knew the author or blurber’s name/liked the cover design/laughed at the back text. These offer the chance to push a really excellent book back into the spotlight, or gleefully kick around a book that has no chance to defend itself.

Text to Screen Ratio: A study of those books that have been adapted, either for film or television or miniseries. These are not reviews on the quality of the film or book (though my views will come through in some areas of the article) but evaluating it as a successful adaptation. I discuss how the acting reflects my intepretation of the characters, what lines and backstories survived the transition and occasionally spiral into a rant if I feel they have done little else but butcher the original text. Newer movies have preference, but anything that was on paper before it was on a DVD is fair game.


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