Who are TLOTE?

Les Chappell (lesismore):

The founder and editor of TLOTE, our gracious host.

Les’s love of literature goes back to his earliest days, when teachers would reprimand him time and time again for hiding Star Wars novels in his textbooks during class. Realizing that he would never be able to break this habit, or be able to do anything full-time that wasn’t related to the Word, he pursued a degree in journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked at the Daily Cardinal student newspaper as a news reporter, feature writer and entertainment critic. It was there that TLOTE was born as a biweekly column, appearing in the 2005-06 academic year and transformed into a literature blog post-graduation.

Les has worked in a variety of publishing and journalism jobs, including project manager at Macmillan Publishing Solutions, associate acquisitions editor at the University of Wisconsin Press and staff writer for Wisconsin Technology Network. He has been a contributor to The Escapist, Beer Northwest and BookReview.com, and has also worked a variety of headset jobs that still give him nightmares.

Born in Denver, CO and raised in Wisconsin, Les is currently a resident of Portland, OR where he keeps an eye on things. Anyone who doesn’t frequent Bailey’s Taproom, Coffeehouse Northwest or Powell’s Books can contact him at lmchappell@gmail.com.

Carrie Lorig (concealandcarrie):

carrie_profile_picAfter Carrie Lorig, 22, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, she decided to take a hiatus from academia and America. She is currently the only living way-gook (“foreigner” in Korean) in a small, rural village “just outside” Seoul (i.e. one hour away), South Korea called Yong-mun.  She teaches English classes at Cheon-un High and Middle School, where she leads really important cultural discussions about how many gangs she’s been in and whether or not her eyes are really blue. Sometimes she lets the kids touch her tattoos.

If North Korea, which Carrie can see from her front porch, does succeed in causing some nuclear trouble, Carrie would like you to know that poetry is the only thing she ever really believed in.  She loves novels and often consumes them voraciously on trains, but contemporary poetry owns her hearts of hearts. She wants to be part of Tao Lin’s gang of Hipster Deletes. She feels the same good feelings when she’s reading new poems as she does when seeing pyramids and Effiel Towers and black, drip coffee in Asia. Being forced to eat so much kimchi may have made her invincible, but poetry always keeps her weak in the knees.

Carrie hopes to return to America after one more year of teaching and apply to several graduate programs to study Poetics and dissect the freshest verse out there.  If that doesn’t work out, she will be the next up and coming star on NPR or a bike messenger.

Also feel free to e-mail her about anything at all at: carrie.lorig@gmail.com.  Seriously. Bored and lonely exists in South Korea, too. Those with magical powers or pull in the US postal system should send her Wisconsin microbrews and American spirits plz.

For more of Carrie’s thoughts and observations, check out her blog Carrie a Big Stick.

Anna Williams (annacats):

anna_profile_picAnna is a writer, reader, and reviewer; in other words, she works retail.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 with a degree in English and history, and as an undergrad she wrote for the campus newspaper The Daily Cardinal as both an opinion columnist and a literature columnist.  She plans to get her MFA in fiction writing in the next few years, and hopes to ultimately become a professor of creative writing.  Born in DeForest, WI, she now lives in Madison and spends her days sulking at the retail job.  Come fall, however, she will be living in Japan for an extended period.

Because her interests include Victorian houses, Jane Austen and cats, she believes she is destined to become a crazy cat lady.  She also enjoys European and American history, fashion, classic film, and cultural studies, but dislikes eating animals and working retail.

Anna can’t remember a time when she didn’t read, and when she was very little she believed everyone grew up to be an “arthur” (author).  Unfortunately, she’s discovered that while nearly everyone wants to be an author, very few actually achieve this coveted status.  Despite this depressing fact she keeps pressing on, and is very excited to be joining The Lesser of Two Equals as a contributor. She can be reached for comment at akwilliams1@gmail.com.

To follow Anna’s adventures and observations in the next year in Japan, check out her blog Anna in Japana.


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  1. Katy says:




    (and your little blog, too!)

    I miss you, my pretty,

  2. Nicky K says:

    Sweet site Les!

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