What is “The Lesser of Two Equals?”

“The Lesser of Two Equals” began life as a literature column published in the Daily Cardinal student newspaper in 2005, and continued for 15 articles. Since I enjoyed it so much, both as an outlet to talk about books and a place where my writing could develop, in mid-2008 (after several halted attempts) to repost the originals and continue writing new ones.

As a freelance book critic and an aspiring publisher, talking about books is one of the important things to me – I love seeing how they tie together, what authors do that is old and new, what is well-done and what fails miserably. It’s a neglected art in the mainstream, and one that I feel will have its future online. With hyperlinks, digital books and Amazon, seeing exactly what someone’s talking about is easier than ever before.

Content on this site includes a full archive of all my book reviews and literary columns, as well as commentary from me on the older articles dated back as far as three years. Once my archives are cleared up, new reviews will be posted with some regularity depending on my schedule, as will new columns and a series of essays I pen about various authors.

Disclaimer: All of my columns reflect only my thoughts and conclusions, and are not sponsored or endorsed by anyone other than myself. My reviews reflect only what I think of the books – I am not paid to write positive reviews and in many cases am not paid at all beyond receiving the book itself for review.

All original content is copyright of Lesismore Publications unless stated otherwise, in which case it is reprinted with permission.


2 Responses to What is “The Lesser of Two Equals?”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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